6.5 chevy diesel specs

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  • The Duramax replaced the in light trucks beginning in and There is a soot trap on L65 engines that is often mistaken for a.

    L GM diesel specs and information. GM's government contracts continued, and though was the final model year of the L for GMC and Chevy.

    I am looking at GMC truck with the L engine. It's never going to make much more than hp. ( injectors $$ Duramax injectors $$ ) Most of the problems that a have can be avoided by.

    Can indicate worn rings or cylinder bores. Diesel Power covered Bill Heath's mph 6. The crankshaft and harmonic balancer are also prone to failure. Then we moved on to the Ford 6. If the truck keeps going into limp mode, that means it's transmission rebuild time.

    L And L GM Diesel Power Recipes - Diesel Power Magazine

    Diesel Power Magazine how to. Welcome to Top Tech Questions. Oftentimes, readers contact us with questions about articles, or to praise us on what a good job we are doing.

    But our favorite form of reader communication is tech questions. So we're introducing our Top Tech section, a place where you ask what's on your mind, and we answer it. Got a trouble code? Wondering how to get your engine to make more power?

    Send us an email at jason. Want To Drive A 6. What about performance upgrades? My intent is to put some money in it right off the bat to upgrade the cooling system and then pursue additional power. I know the truck will never really be able to compete with the modern-day diesels, but I'm willing to live with that.

    Back before aftermarket parts were readily available, diesels had to rely on injecting propane, a water-methanol mix, or nitrous oxide to make power. Since nitrous is more of a competition-only modification, we'd suggest propane or water-methanol as a power adder.

    A lot of people bash propane, but we've ridden in a few trucks that are on the 'pane, and we can tell you it makes one heck of a difference. Count on adding about 40 to 80 hp depending on how much you inject.

    Going the water-methanol route not only means more power, but a lot lower EGTs when towing with your truck. If you don't like the idea of having to carry around a bottle to make power, Heath Diesel phone: Prices range anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand, so there will be a kit within your price range no matter what your budget is.

    Another good resource is Kennedy Diesel phone: As for a year to buy, we'd shoot for a 'and-up model. They have oil-cooled pistons, a revised, higher-capacity cooling system, a better turbocharger, and more performance potential.

    Depending on the area you live in, you may be able to find one cheaper. Even with a few modifications, don't expect any more than about hp at the wheels. If you're willing to live with that, then go nuts. There are many 6. Towing Troubles Part One Q: All of our Duramax trucks have this disease called "limp mode. Does anyone have a cure for this virus that GM implanted in our vehicles to protect themselves from any kind of warranty repair? Without any programmers, I can pull a 20,pound trailer up a hill and floor it with no problems.

    It's nice to have the extra power and mileage I'm getting from a programmer, but I'm afraid it's going to break something next time it stumbles into limp mode. Does anyone have a cure? The Allison transmission found in '01 to '09 6. When the Allison transmission senses excess slippage, even for a couple of seconds, it will kick down into Third gear to save itself from burning up the clutch packs and will also unlock the torque converter in case the converter clutch is slipping.

    Chevy 6.5 Diesel Center Turbo Rebuild.

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