Increased battery discharge bmw x5

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  • Message of "Increase battery discharge" during starting means battery is BMW, are you serious? couldn't believe I will get this problem from a.

    Increased battery discharge! Drives: X6M/ Xd . There must be a way to get multiple owners to complain to BMW so they can.

    Interesting fact! In 1937, BMW built the world's fastest motorcycle. It was sped up to a speed of 278 km per hour.

    The dreaded "increased battery discharge" X5 E70 ( - ).

    They plugged it in and all was good. Oh, ok I thought I was driving golf cart for a second. Once I figured out that the battery is a deep cycle battery, and that there is a possibility that depending on driving, it may not get fully charged, I began a routine of charging the battery if it seems a little low during cranking, or if the car has been parked for an extended time. Very well written Not to hijack the thread, is there a web site where we can see the dealers service dept ratings? BB code is On.

    Increased Battery Discharge - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

    Welcome to the ultimate BMW X3 community. Just wondering is this something that I should be alarmed of? Do I have to bring the car to the dealership to be fix? What is the cause of it? Every time I locked the door I thought it automatically shuts off everything in the car I have my ipod on the car at the center console Has anybody experience the same thing? Can anybody give me advice on what to do? There have been a few people reporting similar problems with low battery charge.

    Was it left for a long time without being driven? My advice is to get the dealer to fully charge it for you and then only worry about it if happens again. Search for "battery charge" on this forum to see some other threads. Message of "Increase battery discharge" during starting means battery is unable to give enough cranking amps.

    Reason could be low charge on battery or poor battery connection. How could I fix this problem now? This is totally ridiculous Hope this car will keep on starting and will not totally be discharge until monday Luckily I have honda civic to use as a backup this holiday. I guess my honda is more reliable than my new car for I had never encountered a problem like this BMW should fix this and be aware that this is happening Thanks for the help Originally Posted by June.

    Hi, I bought a battery tender and I hooked it on last night. The monitoring light on the charger went from "red" to "green" overnight. I would think it's from "charging" to "charging completed".

    This morning I started my engine; then, I get a warning saying "Increased battery discharge". Yes, it is "Increased". Center console message says "Battery discharging while stopped, electrical devices were temporarily switched off".

    Why is this happening? Should I worry about this warning? Originally Posted by Lotus7. There are many reasons a battery can discharge, especially in a new X3. You may want to read these threads: Battery was totally drained that it didn't start They called us back and said they can provide service on the next day We even missed the thanksgiving party with friends We were so embarrassed that we bought a BMW which is I thought produce very reliable cars, and after a month it didn't start I don't really understand it at alll Then the next day which is today black friday they came and they jump start the car.

    I told them I left the ipod plugged in the center console, then they said that may be the cause of it You mean to say that if you left you Ipod plugged in the car, it will totally drained the battery even if you shut down the engine? Again I don't understand it BMW should fix this problem It should not be possible that an ipod can drain car's battery Now I was in the dealership this morning, it's black friday, and I was suppose to go shopping and buy TV..

    Ok, so I told them if they can give me service car They said it is not possible at all, there is no available They sell cars but don't have shuttle or ride for customers. I really thought I was just having a bad dream Then I complain and complain and complain inside their office..

    Sorry to shared these sentiments here I know this is not the right place to say all of this, but I just want this out of my system right now I was really pissed by what happened to me, and hope BMW should give me better service next time because the reason why we bought BMW is that I thought it will not give us so much problems at least not for a month or I think that it was too soon for the car to break down considering it was brand new I just really regret the decision of buying BMW after all that happen to us BMW gave us a lot of inconvenience and I think as a customer, we deserve better service than that Sorry, I can't express myself properly in english for it's my second language.

    2011 BMW X5 35i Fix High Battery Drain

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