How long does a bmw battery last

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  • What's the average life expectancy of a car battery – and how can I extend it?
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  • The BMW AGM batteries are still basically Lead Acid batteries although the electrolyte is captured and it is a sealed system. How long a battery lasts (its lifetime.

    BMW Battery Checks & Replacements in Vermont How long will my BMW battery last? There are a lot of things you can do to maximize your battery life!.

    Interesting fact! In 1937, BMW built the world's fastest motorcycle. It was sped up to a speed of 278 km per hour.

    I have a 08 i with the factory battery in it.I could not see what month battery it MEDIASERVANT.INFO's about 5 years MEDIASERVANT.INFOy have any idea how long they.

    Add pointandgo to Your Ignore List. Martian Martman 0 Rep 2 Posts Drives: Sometimes you'll get a low battery warning because the battery charge is actually low, but if you've done a few long trips and are still getting the error message then it's probably on it's way out. Find More Posts by I would bet that if the battery were good, leaving the trunk open over night would have no impact on the battery.

    How Long Should a battery last? - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

    User Name Remember Me? Seems my battery is going dead after 3. I need to be looking at replacement, preferably without being ripped off which I sense will be the case if I go to the dealership Originally Posted by isugoo. Never had an issue and it has been parked every winter with no trickle charger.

    I just start it once a month. However, it is a stripper single hump. I think that has something to do with all of the people reporting battery issues. Mine started losing the time etc after 3 years and 30k. Dealer met me half way with the cost of a replacement. So I think I got ripped. Still going strong at 3. Batteries are engineered for the number of months they put on them.

    It's all based on the ph of the acid and the thickness of the plates and how long it takes to degrade that thickness with the solution they put in. Assuming of course that the charging system on the car is functioning properly and the battery is not allowed to "deep cycle" too many times, you will almost always get the "stated life" of a car battery and not much more.

    If you have a 60 month battery, you'll get right around 60 months and then one of the plates will wear thin and on a cold morning when the cranking amps shoot up it will burn through and toast. If you have a 48 month battery and you are on month 49, better have a spare on hand cuz it's gonna go on ya soon Buddy of mine has a battery shop - been in biz for 35 years so if you disagree with the above - flame him, not me.

    I will say that this has been my experience as well - can vary a few months but for the most part they have this process "down" and the life will be pretty darn close to what it's engineered for. Of course there are always exceptions so don't flame if your battery only lasted 2 months defective or your 48 month lasted 5 yrs consider yourself lucky - you got a free year.

    Mine was replaced at the dealership under warranty, although they said that BMW has a policy that if you drive less than miles a month you are "underdriving" the car, and warranty will not cover battery replacement in this case.

    In my case, my car was 3 years old with miles, so they said they gave me a brake. Originally Posted by I had mine replaced one month before the end of the 3 year warranty. My 08 M3 got a new battery under warranty just one month ago.

    Of the five BMW's I've owned, two were owned over four years. Take the car to the dealer before it dies! This cannot be done by anyone else but a BMW dealer. Battery can be replaced under warranty. Anyone else have a price est? I'm at miles and still going strong. Originally Posted by thedrknows. The battery on my '08 lasted a little less than 3. I left the trunk open one night and the battery went down.

    I charged it and left on a trip. No problem until I started it one morning to move it close to the hotel door. It only ran for minutes. When I restarted it 20 minutes later, it seemed to barely make it. I stopped at a dealer about 30 minutes later and they did a test and said it was fine. I did not really think so, but felt safe driving home. When home, I moved it out of the garage and washed it. When restarting, it was not full strengh. I took it to my local dealer that did the same test and said the battery was bad.

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