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  • Pros: True full-time AWD (unlike other “AWD” SUV's that are primarily front-drive, shifting drive to the rear only on loss of traction). Cons: No centre differential.

    Subaru Forester review, Subaru Forester road test, Subaru Forester Pros: Respectable fuel economy for the class; large windows all around make for Cons: Middling acceleration with base engine; CVT transmission.

    See Subaru Forester pros and cons from TrueDelta's community of drivers. Find out the real-world pros and cons of the Subaru Forester.

    So how do you make sense of it all? But both cars are probably pretty reliable. Swiss army knife of cars lives up to its billing Subaru Forester Pros and Cons Member The Forester offers safety, practicality, and quality for an outstanding price. Pros They are reliable assuming that you give it the proper maintenance. The best visibility from the cabin, and a gorgeous panaromic sun-roof.

    Subaru Forester Pros and Cons | Page 1 of 4 | Why Not This Car?

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    Click here for more info! Okay, so before reading this post, keep in mind two things: I have no personal experience with a Toyota Highlander; I simply know many people who own them.

    However, I have driven many toyotas and am fond of the brand. Also, I am a forester owner, and I love it more than about any car, so I have a huge bias toward it. One more thing to note: These cars are not really comparable side by side, in the sense that the RAV4 is toyotas answer to the forester, and the highlander is a bit more SUV and less "crossover" than the forester is. Pros of a toyota highlander: You're going to have WAY more space. I am a DJ and although my forester provides adequate room for a pretty large PA setup, I do find myself wanting a bit of extra room from time to time.

    More horsepower in the highlander, as well as a significantly higher towing capacity. My friends who have highlanders really like them, but again, I don't have any experience with them, so I'm just going to tell you about my subaru now haha. My forester has been an amazing car so far. I have premium that I ordered with a 6 speed, because I'm a bit weird and I love having a manual. For me, as somebody who needs a good amount of space for hauling large equipment music related stuff , but doesn't want to be in a truck, it's a perfect vehicle.

    It gets an advertised 29 MPG maybe 30 on the automatics on the highway, but I get about 36 on the highway with the way I drive, and 29 in the city.

    Never lower than 29 even if I'm offroading all day. The AWD is awesome. Last year we got quite a bit of snow and ice on the roads, and I was one of the few people able to drive in the weather.

    It's quite fun to drift, as well, but I'm guessing that's not one of your requests. Depending on whether or not you're looking at getting the turbo, and also depending on what car you or your wife drive now, you will probably feel like it's lacking under the hood. The engine is reliable as can be, but for somebody who has the standard 2. The manual makes up for this, though, because I can ride out the gears a bit longer and get the power I need out of it.

    But for me, this car can pretty much do anything I need it to do, and the interior package is awesome even just one step above the base model. I have a sunroof, powered driver seat, heated seats, backup cam, slightly nicer speakers, etc.

    It's a great car for my needs. Summary of Forester pros: Great MPG, better than advertised if you don't drive it hard, awesome traction in rain and snow, available in a manual, and a TON of space for what you'd expect it to have.

    Common Subaru Problems

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