2009 mercedes c63

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    Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Package costs £ and promises to turn the four-door saloon from.

    What a difference 20 inches and 1, lbs makes. The latest occupant of the Autoblog Garage is the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. You might.

    Its redline is 7,rpm. Our judges also admired the look of the engines, although they noted that most of the GranTurismo's engine is hidden by black plastic cladding, with just a nice Maserati trident badge on the intake manifold. The Gracenote database recognized the CD, and will add appropriate ID3 tags as the system rips tracks to the car's hard drive. It uses a 4. The maps are high resolution and street names have white outlines around black lettering, making them very readable.

    Review: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG - Autoblog

    High points in the cabin electronics include excellent sound from a Harmon Kardon stereo, hard-drive music storage, and a full-featured Bluetooth phone system. The Bad Gas mileage isn't going to be good with a 6. The navigation system doesn't offer traffic or weather, which are features that are starting to be incorporated in other cars. Just make sure you budget for gas. We previously reviewed the C , and found that its updated electronics put to shame the tech in more expensive models from Mercedes-Benz.

    With the AMG version we have a car that competes with the BMW M3 , not only in cabin tech but also in sheer performance and the exhilarating drive it offers. The cabin electronics in the C63 are the same as in the C, with the latest version of Mercedes-Benz's navigation and phone system.

    The sound produced by the audio system blew us away, as did the sound from the engine. The C63 gets the same 6. The car's shorter length and sport-tuned suspension result in nimble handling. Sound off The C63 AMG's engine produced a vicious bark when fired up, the kind of sound that sends small dogs running, makes any ninjas in the vicinity go into a fighting crouch, and puts even the most macho gearheads into a swoon. At the same time, our ears were delighted by the silky purr of an Italian in our garage.

    Our judges gathered around each car and listened to the engine note as we turned on the ignition, then revved it up. Because the Mercedes-Benz limited the revs to 4, in Neutral and Park, we set that as the upper limit for both cars. The GranTurismo was first up. It uses a 4.

    Its redline is 7,rpm. The engine started with a little cough, and then whirred as the revs built up. We built up engine speed to 4,rpm, let it drop, then revved it up again. Markovich said of the GranTurismo's engine, "It doesn't have that sort of rasp I would expect from an Italian engine; more refined, befitting the character of the car. Cunningham felt that it wasn't quite like a Ferrari's engine sound, but it seemed to benefit from Italian tuning, eschewing harshness for a fine, silky rumble.

    This engine produces horsepower at 6,rpm, with a 7,rpm redline, and foot-pounds of torque at 5,rpm. The C63 started with an immediate bark, and was overall louder, as we would expect from the increased displacement. Cunningham noted the staccato quality of the sound, that you can "hear the valves and injectors working. Our judges also admired the look of the engines, although they noted that most of the GranTurismo's engine is hidden by black plastic cladding, with just a nice Maserati trident badge on the intake manifold.

    The C63's engine is more exposed, with a gray crackle finish on the intake manifold and a small plaque with the signature of the engine builder. In the final assessment, the judges favored the sound from the C The GranTurismo didn't stand out enough, with its more refined and muted song. As Goodwin pointed out, "As a sports car guy, I like the C63 better.

    It sounds like its going to beat you up and take your lunch money. To hear the engine noise and our judges, listen to episode 79 of Car Tech podcast. In the cabin In the cabin, the flat-bottom steering wheel and AMG logo on the instrument cluster let you know this is the sport-tuned version of the C-class.

    The prominent side-bolstering on the seats is also a good clue. But the rest of the gear is standard for the C-class, with a mostly black interior accented by silver trim here and there. No two-tone fanciness for the sporty C This minimal switchgear does a good job of letting you access all the car's functions, including navigation, stereo, and cell phone system.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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