8th gen accord coupe turbo

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  • Honda accord coupe EXL V6 I would like to put a supercharger or a To match a 9th gen's acceleration ( seconds to 60) you'll need at.

    Anyways, Hondata skipped our gen for tuning and went straight to the 9th gen I' m guessing it would cost around $5, to around $6, for the Supercharger with the tuning. Honda Accord V6 6MT coupe.

    Looks like I'll be working on a boosted 8th Gen. if its who i think it is, im down to help out with the project. i used to own an 03 k24 turbo accord and im always down for a challenge SBP accord coupe v-sicks 6spd.

    So fuel mileage shouldnt suffer much. It was quick, and the boost was immediate and instant, far better boost response than any others 4 cylinder automatic with a turbo as there is a lot of turbo lag with an automatic, especially on a 4 cylinder. In September , a class action was filed alleging that "the braking system on , , and certain Honda Accord vehicles as well as and certain Acura TSX vehicles You currently have 0 posts.

    Honda Accord V6 Turbo Kit

    User Name Remember Me? Registered Users do not see the above ads. July 23rd, , Looks like I'll be working on a boosted 8th Gen.

    I'll keep you guys updated Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by littletruong. Originally Posted by joe Soon young grasshopper, soon I have to PM the chosen one to see if I have to do the traveling or will he travel up here. I have to head to a honda dealership tomorrow and look under the hood to see what I'll be dealing with.

    Originally Posted by nighthawk04v6. July 24th, , Originally Posted by calvinator. Might as well jump all over the opportunity right?.. I've always wanted to see the potential of the J35Z2 and Z3 Think about it this way, why wait a long time for someone to have the balls to supermod the 3.

    Then they're in awe when it comes out 3. When it comes time to modding, people will bag on teh car's potential until someone has the ordasity to prove them wrong. We can figure out the potential of the car and its limits early, and have better ideas and better innovations before ever seeing the next gen down the road.

    You currently have 0 posts. Damn are we trying to commit genocide against all Honda automatics? That thing is going to jump out of the engine bay like in one of those penzoil commercials. VCM only kicks in on low loads for 3 cyl mode and 4 cyl mode for some med loads, tuning usually deals with higher load full throttle tuning. Otherwise maybe making it rich everywhere in the powerband will be compensated by VCM and fuel economy won't suffer muh, that or VCM will only kick in during turbo lag.

    WTF is up with the popcorn smiley? So, I just got back from chief's place, and while I was peddling away to USF to the library to do more research he let me borrow one of his bikes , i stopped by the Honda dealership. I told one of the associates about me boosting the 8th gen and if I was allowed to take a look under the hood.. I was still in shock even after I left the dealership.. Also, the precats can stay, I loved the way the J-pipe is less restrictive than before, and the throttle body's a hell of alot bigger..

    Turns out, the car can still be lowered as well as you're able to keep the precats on there. The only difference is that in the 8th gen, the Y-pipe will be mounted where the flange for the charge pipe is mounted in the rear. The battery will have to be relocated allow intercooler piping to come through. Also, for the intercooler, there's a TON of space behind the bumper, so instead of using the XS power intercooler, I'll have to use one of the CX racing intercoolers where both inlet and outlet are on the same side, but the intercooler's longer than the xs power intercooler.

    Here's a pic below of what I mean: As for the inside of the car, I'd end up going with gauge pods encased within the center console unless a body shop can make a custom gauge pillar for the car. I'll still be able to get to the ECU wiring and plug in an harness in there as well as have the engine management unit hidden behind the walls of the glove compartment we took it out , in it, or within the center console.

    The throttle body's a great size to start off with so I'll be able to use a straight coupler rather than a reducer for the intercooler piping and the oil cooler's got enough room to sit in between the condensor, radiator, and fans.

    8th Gen Honda Accord Coupe Greddy Racing Ti-C Exhaust Comparison

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